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The Tingler
Not Rated
80 minutes
Drama Thriller Sci-Fi

Percepto! The movie sensation that reached out and grabbed you--almost literally. Beloved horror movie producer/director William Castle's gimmick rested on a clever plot device: fear makes a creepy-crawly creature grow on people's spines; the only way to disable it is to scream! To make sure audiences got into the spirit, certain seats would be wired with low-voltage electricity to give the patrons a little extra reason to shriek! The movie itself stars Vincent Price as a scientist who actually manages to isolate one of the creatures, which promptly gets loose. And one of the characters is a mute... Castle and writer Robb White deftly twist the screws, and the cast is more than up to it. 

Vincent Price
Dr. Warren Chapin
Judith Evelyn
Mrs. Martha Ryerson Higgins
Darryl Hickman
David Morris
Patricia Cutts
Isabel Stevens Chapin
Philip Coolidge
Oliver Higgins
Pamela Lincoln
Lucy Stevens
William Castle
Robb White
Country USA
Language English